Hodgepodge Artisan Box was founded with a goal in mind: To honor & create awareness of local, high-quality, handmade goods.


We have passion for both local & handmade things, which has driven us from the beginning. Traditionally, small Artisanal businesses and Entrepreneurs would sell at local markets- where they make a majority of their sales and promote themselves. Hodgepodge Artisan box helps by giving another space to share their work to the public, while providing an enjoyable place for customers to buy locally made, modern products from home.

We offer a curated box of made of handmade gifts & goods made in Nova Scotia, Canada which are always revolving.

You can build your own gift box, or purchase an item to fall in love with on its own. 

We deliver anywhere in Canada 

Locally made joy, delivered.

Why Shop Locally?


There are many advantages for deciding to shop locally.

Local businesses are owned and operated by your own community members! (Hey Neighbor)

By supporting your local businesses, you are in turn helping keep significantly more money to stay in your community. On average, almost 70 cents to the dollar will stay in the community!

While we understand how easy it is to be persuaded to shop well known retailers, consider that when your buying local, small and handmade- it's from a real person, with family who is supporting your community in a big way.


We stand by our small businesses, and you can too! 


Locally Made Gifts & Goods


 We offer a beautifully monthly curated gift box of gifts and goods. Our Artisan box is carefully selected to carry only high quality products, within season and made right here in Nova Scotia

You can buy all the items in our Hodgepodge Artisan Box as a stand alone item. If there's one or two handmade items that catch your eye, we made that available for you to purchase without the commitment of the other pieces!

You Can also build your own box! This ones especially fun for wanting to curate a special box for a gift for a loved one or a friend. 



Our commitment to the environment 





You might have noticed a trend with many of our products in our online store, and in our curated boxes- We carry many environmentally friendly and sustainably made goods!

Producing and using eco-friendly & sustainably made products helps decrease the number of pollutants in our environment & helps you live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the ways you have the opportunity to help improve our environment, is to purchase local, and choose eco friendly and sustainable products.

Going green no longer means sacrificing quality, spending your time making everything yourself or spending a ton of money to help the Earth.


Good for you, and good for the planet.

We do our best to reduce the amount of trash we create, reuse or repurpose goods rather than throwing them away. We use recyclable boxes, thank you cards, paper stickers, and use locally made Eco-friendly crinkle paper made from Newsprint and flyers


Build your own Gift Box

You can create a truly personal and thoughtful gift or care package for all occasions with Hodgepodge Artisan Box. 

If your in a pinch for time, have too many ideas to choose from or none at all, creating your own giftbox full of locally made goodies will help you pull off the perfect gift. 

Customizing your own Hodgepodge Artisan Box giftbox is really easy! Select our branded box which includes all the finishing touches, and start adding in 3-5 handmade gifts from our online store to snuggle inside. Voila! Now it's ready to be sent in the mail, and bring someone special a whole lot of local joy!

June Artisan Box 

The Nom Nom Box


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All products are made in Nova Scotia, Canada by real people & real hands