-What's an Artisan? An Artisan is someone who incorporates heart and soul into making items by hand or with the use of tools. Artisanal Items can be functional, or decorative, traditional or modern. Can include items in the realm of beauty & self care, jewelry, artwork, literature, music, food, pottery & textiles.

-Who is Hodgepodge Artisan Box? We are a Female owned and operated local business focused on honoring our local Artists & Artisans. We have a selection of items from local small & even micro businesses you may have never even heard of, ready to discover. 
-Why the cool name?   Hodgepodge means a mixture or assortment of items- which you will find in your Hodgepodge Artisan Box! Also, a Nova Scotian classic dish. 
-Where are your vendors from? Everywhere in Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth to Sydney, we are blessed with amazing talent.
What's in the box? We have a rotating curated selection of local items, changing with the month & seasons.
-Is this a subscription? Nope- we like things easy around here

-Do I have to buy a box to try a thing or two? Feel free to shop our store and pick the items you want to try as a solo item! 

Interesting Questions

-I have seen similar things in my box at the store, what gives? What you find in your package are handmade by real people, by real hands. All items are made with high quality ingredients, heart & soul in our own communities and we choose to support them.
-How does Hodgepodge Artisan Box help Artisans? From the very new, to the seasoned Artisan we offer another platform to share their gift with the world. We offer a fair price mutually agreed upon for their goods, keep our spending in our own communities, and help artisans do their little happy dance time and time again.

-How does this help the Earth? We are environmentally conscious, not only by buying and supporting local, but we also like to keep garbage to a minimum. Reduce, reuse & recycle!  
-How can I help? Purchase a box, sign up for our e-mail list, share with friends and family, follow us on Instagram/Facebook, comment & share!

Shipping Info

-What's the deal with shipping?  Shipping rates vary across the country, based on weight, dimensions, value, fuel and distance to destination. We ship Canada post, with coverage and tracking for your package. 
-Can I pick up my goodies instead? Sure- mark your shipping selection as pick up, and then shoot us an Email. We do pick up weekly in Chester and Bayer's Lake. (Nova Scotia)
-Do you ship Internationally? Send us a message if you would like to coordinate a special package.
-How do you package your stuff? With mother nature in mind! We use environmentally friendly cardboard boxes, eco friendly recycled local crinkle paper, paper stickers, recycled paper business cards and we reuse paper or other friendly material to wrap shipment boxes.
-I have a problem with my order. Please touch base with us, we want to help. 
-Do you take returns? Sorry, all sales are final. Send us an email if you have a problem.
-Can I buy as a gift? 100% just make sure the address is correct for the Recipient. The receipt will be emailed  to the purchaser at the time of purchase.

Wait, there's more...

-Can my products be featured? We would love to chat about what you have to offer!
-Does it cost anything or be a feature artist? Nope
-How can I be a feature artist? Send us an email, and your online portfolio or pages so we can connect.
-Can I sell my art or goods as a Feature Artist? Of course.
Does it cost to sell as a feature artist? We do charge a small percentage to cover expenses.