Handmade Sculptural Unique Jewelry Box

Handmade Sculptural Unique Jewelry Box




Handmade unique bandsaw style jewelry or trinket keepsake box. Sculptured out of Cherry wood for the face, birch plywood centers and either purple heart or paduk wood handle. Made by the hands of Chris in Lunenburg county, Nova Scotia Canada,  using traditional techniques and tools. 


Functional drawers, flocked to keep your items from scratching on the wood, and keeps your items in place. 


Would be perfect on your dressertop, bathroom counter or shelves for your dainty jewlery, crystals & gemstones, cannabis or other small items. 


-Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada


-Approx. size- 5.5"x5"x4.5"

-Unique Shape

-One of a kind

-Traditionally made

-Excellent workmanship