Epsom Salt Skin Soak Bath Salts

Epsom Salt Skin Soak Bath Salts




Who doesn't love a good soak in the tub after a trying day, or as part of your self care ritual?


Soaking in a tub full of hot water with Epsom salts is known for relaxing muscles, drawing toxins from the body and making your skin smoother than butter.  


Each small batch is devotedly hand mixed on Kelly's small farm in rural Nova Scotia by best friends Kelly and Ron. 


You can feel even better about using this product knowing East Coast Skin Soak is also committed to reducing waste their shop creates. They use recycling shipping boxes and bags and use other eco friendly techniques while making these amazing products for you.


Whether you're sending this as a gift for a homesick friend, for a gift for yourself- you will be pleasantly reminded of everything East Coast; fresh Blueberries and Mint, N.S. Apple blossoms or those hot summer Cavendish Beach days while relaxing in the bathtub with this skin soak.


-100g bag

-Foaming bath 

-Skin softening 

-Epsom Salt 

-Handmixed in Nova Scotia, Canada


Scents: Beach glass, Apple blossom, Cavindish beach day, N.S. blueberry mint, Annapolis cider, Atlantic Breeze & coastal 

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