Japanese Steak Sauce Pon Pon Foods

Japanese Steak Sauce Pon Pon Foods




Pon Pon Foods was created in 2019 by Sumie Morota, from Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Many of the recipes created are inspired by Sumie’s mother back in Japan.


This Japanese steak sauce has really become popular, with rich umami flavors. This particular sauce is made with soy sauce, garlic, apple, green onion, sesame, lemon juice, Korean miso, brown sugar, honey.


You can use as a marinade or sauce up your chicken, beef, tofu or portobellos in this rich sauce before firing on the grill. (Also, if your a stirfry fan, like us- this is delish over rice & veg)


A must try sauce for grilling your dinner favorites. 


-Japanese Steak Sauce

-Well balanced flavours 

-Savory deliciousness that deepens flavors.

-Marinade or for basting


-Made in Dartmouth, N.S.