Micro-Roasted Small Batch Coffee

Micro-Roasted Small Batch Coffee




Fire and Stone Coffee, a Micro Roaster from St. Peters, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia roasts their coffee beans to order, meticulously roasting no more than 6 pounds at a time, which provides an aromatic coffee variety that is always fresh! They believe that craftsmanship and freshness creates a superior product for customers.

Their signature Artisanal coffee, Highland Blend, is grown in the high altitudes of Peru and Costa Rica. Bright, mild with a medium body, it makes a great morning coffee. 

You can feel good about drinking this coffee, not only because it's delicious, but it is also coffee with a conscience.  Fire and Stone Coffee believes that in the simple act of trying, we can all make a difference and make the world a better place, simply by starting with your morning cup of Joe. A portion of all revenue is donated to local nonprofits in Cape Breton. Their packaging is also backyard compostable! Bonus!


-Craft roasted coffee beans

-Small batch made

-1/2 pound bag

-Eco-friendly, compostable packaging

-Bright, mild with a medium body flavour

-Good for a morning brew

-Supports local nonprofits

-Made in St. Peters, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia