Sustainable, All Natural Atlantic Sea Salt

Sustainable, All Natural Atlantic Sea Salt




Onya Hogan-Finlay and Kim Kelly are the couple behind Ok Sea Salt. (Onya + Kim = OK )

With a background in DIY art projects, travel, education, and landscape design, they bring a passion for community building to their partnership as salt farmers.

This Women-owned small business was established in 2021 and are based in Bush Iskand, Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia, Canada.

OK Sea Salt is sustainably harvested by hand and is guided by the cycles of the seasons and ecology of place. Seawater is collected during the high tide of the full moon - one bucket at a time near the Crooked Channel in the LaHave Islands.

@okseasalt is an Eco conscious business that is continuing to build towards being carbon neutral by designing a small-scale solar evaporation saltworks. This small Nova Scotian buisness is also socially conscious, who has a high respect for the land & resources it offers. A percentage of profits from OK Sea Salt sales to social justice groups in the Atlantic region.


- All Natural

-Sustainably harvested

-Eco-Friendly product

-100% Sea Salt

-From Nova Scotia Shores

-Medium-Coarse Flake

-50g bag